Supersoft C-Ring



Product Description

Wearing a c-ring can create larger, harder erections, as well as intensify the sensation of a male’s orgasm. A cock ring holds the testicles down and keeps the testes from contracting, thus slowing down ejaculation. The constriction can take orgasm from about 6 seconds to up to 45 seconds! The Tantus Supersoft C-Ring is the perfect choice for beginners and pros alike. Made of 100% ultra-premium silicone, its soft, stretchy texture makes it super easy to put on – even with an erection. Wear it around both the penis and testicles for the most intense effect.

The superior quality of Tantus silicone makes all their toys hypoallergenic, hygienic, phthalate-free, boilable, bleachable, and easy to clean. With minimal care, a Tantus Toy can last a lifetime.

Unstretched Inside Diameter: 1.5″
Stretched Diameter: 4.75″