Overdrive Rechargeable Ring



Product Description

The Overdrive rechargeable ring will send you — and your playmate — into ecstasy. Our most popular vibrating cock ring, it’s made of silky smooth silicone and features 3 super-charged vibration modes. It features a uniquely curved tip that not only feels great, but fits perfectly against both your and your partners’ erogenous zones. Place the tip towards the wearer’s belly button for vibration against a partner’s clitoris during penetration — or position the tip downward so that the wearer experiences vibration against their perineum!

Get behind the wheel, lift up the hood, and take Overdrive out for ride. USB rechargeable and splashproof.

Length: 3.42″
Inner Diameter: 1.25″
Width: 1.81″ at largest point

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Black, Blue