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Product Description

Purchase a Dynamo gift certificate for a friend in any amount! At the checkout page, you’ll be able to enter your friend’s email address, and they’ll receive store credit in the amount you gifted them.

How to Buy:

Fill in the desired amount for your gift voucher in the box above.

At checkout, fill in your billing details as normal. Check the box that says “ship to billing address”–since we’ll be sending your friend an email with a gift voucher, we won’t need an actual shipping address.

Toward the bottom of the checkout page, you’ll see two options:

Send store credit to me
Gift store credit to someone else

Clicking the second option will open up a field to enter the desired recipient’s email address, as well as an optional message.

Pay normally, and you’re done! Your friend will receive an email with a voucher code in the amount you specified, to use on a future purchase.

IMPORTANT: As of now, the gift recipient’s voucher email lets them know who their gift came from. The certificate will automatically list the email address of the sender. Also, filling in your real name at checkout will give that real name to the recipient of your gift. If you wish to remain an anonymous gifter, use an anonymous email and pseudonym at checkout. As long as the rest of the billing information is correct, you do not have to use your real first and last name at checkout to buy a gift certificate. 


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