Our St Claude Popup Approaches!

Thursday, Jan 1, 2015



Lots of news for you today! With the new year comes an amazing new opportunity for us, and we’re so happy to share it!

As mentioned in our last post, we were selected by St Claude Main Street to test our business along the avenue for two months in a brick and mortar location. We’re proud to announce that we’ll be located inside LA46 (2232 St. Claude), a fantastic vintage market that opened up next to the Allways Lounge last year. Perhaps you saw their festive Mr Bingle holiday window last month?

LA46 Holiday WindowWe’re looking at about a 10ft x 10ft space to work with — certainly more room than we’re used to at our burlesque show merch booths! We’ve been making lots of progress — acquiring furniture to refurbish, and dreaming up creative ways to display our toys in the space.  For example — we found a gorgeous armoire that needed only a little bit of extra love. Nico’s been gilding it with gold leaf — it’s gonna be beautiful!

Armoire in progressThe expanded space has also allowed us to stock a ton of new toys — powerful mini-vibes like the We-Vibe Tango and JeJoue MiMi (both are rechargable and waterproof, too!), sensual glass toys from Icicles and Crystal Delights, and even some harness kits from Tantus! Plus, there’s a new handheld bath jet (Bubble Love–below) that we can’t wait for you to see. We’ll also be working with the fine folks at Hellbent to bring beautiful, locally-made kink supplies to the shop. Expect lovely leather floggers and body harnesses! And of course, we’ll be using this additional space as an opportunity to offer even more health and safety supplies — more lube, more condoms, and more educational materials.

Bubble Love Handheld Bath JetThe plan is to move in this weekend — if you’re into watching the process as a couple of sex nerds decorate a shop, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates in real time. Once we’re open, the schedule will be as follows:

Monday – Noon-6pm
Tuesday – closed
Wednesday – closed
Thursday – Noon – 6pm
Friday – Noon – 7pm
Saturday – Noon – 7pm
Sunday – Noon – 5pm

See you on St Claude!