Dynamo Moves to The New Movement

Sunday, Mar 8, 2015



What a whirlwind these past few weeks have been! Our February at LA46 was busy, joyous, and so much fun — how can it not be when Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day fall in the same week?

Hope and Nico of Dynamo on Mardi Gras Day

The ladies of Dynamo on Mardi Gras Day

And while we might have submitted to some well-deserved post-Carnival naps, we ended the month with a burst of activity — a pop-up night at the incomparable Bella Blue’s monthly Dirty Dime Peep Show, and a move into a brand new location.

That’s right. New location. Our grant from St Claude Main Street provided for two months in a brick and mortar, so after that we were on our own — except that we weren’t. With the help of the amazing folks at SCMS, we were connected with The New Movement Theater.

The New Movement megaphone logo

If you’ve never been to a show at The New Movement, you’re missing out. A live comedy venue and training center, they produce improv, sketch and standup comedy at their St Claude location, as well as around the city (and at their sister location in Austin). Ever heard of Hell Yes Fest or the Megaphone Show? That’s them. They also teach improv classes, which we’ve heard are amazing, and we’re thinking of taking some ourselves.

Suffice to say, the folks at the New Movement have a lot going on, but they weren’t using all of the upstairs space in their building, especially during the day. Cue Dynamo! We’ve set up a bigger version of our brick and mortar popup in one of their practice rooms upstairs, and we’re beyond excited to be there. Having a little more space than before isn’t just a matter of convenience (our “sex toy fort,” as we called it, was great, but we basically had to step out to give people enough room to browse). It also means we can carry even more products we’re passionate about — expect to see more locally-made kink supplies, more educational materials, and more gender expression tools in the coming weeks. Now that we have some wall-space, we even hope to start showing and selling local art!

The New Movement Theatre in New Orleans

Look for the red megaphone sign — we’re up those steps on the left, and just down the hall!

The new address is 2706 St Claude — the nearest intersection is with Port St. We’ve been there pretty sporadically so far — coming and going as we fetch inventory and supplies, running back and forth — but starting Thursday, March 12, we will be back to our regular schedule. As a recap:

Monday – Noon-6pm
Tuesday – closed
Wednesday – closed
Thursday – Noon – 6pm
Friday – Noon – 7pm
Saturday – Noon – 7pm
Sunday – Noon – 5pm

We’ll keep to these hours pretty solidly — however, as always, its good to check our twitter before you, say, drive across Lake Pontchartrain to see us. If we’re running late, or not able to open for some reason, we’ll announce it there. Otherwise, assume we’re sticking to these hours, and we’ll see you in the shop!