Carnival Time + Special Schedule

Sunday, Feb 8, 2015



Mardi Gras Day is almost here! It’s an early one this year — for folks unfamiliar with the holiday, the date of Fat Tuesday moves, just like Easter Sunday. In fact, it’s entirely dependent upon when Easter falls. After all, Mardi Gras Day is the final day before Lent begins — think of it as one last hurrah before you’re supposed to get somber and serious for forty days.

It's Carnival Time - Bendy Beads by Fun Factory in Tree

Parades = beads stuck in trees. We stuck some Fun Factory Bendy Beads in one for good measure.

For New Orleanians, though, Mardi Gras is the reason for an entire Carnival season. It’s the time when we decorate with purple, green, and gold (the official colors of Carnival, they represent justice, power, and faith, respectively). It’s the time when we can wear beads without “looking like a tourist.” It’s also the only time you’re supposed to eat King Cake, a delicious confection that usually comes with a plastic baby inside. As Fat Tuesday approaches, our schedules become filled with parades, balls, and parties — it’s a wonderful time to be in town and a terrible time to try to drive anywhere.

Mardi Gras lubes by Sliquid

Even the lube is in the Carnival spirit…

We’ll have a slightly different schedule for the weekend leading up to Mardi Gras Day. For instance, while we’re usually open on Thursdays, we’re closing on February 12 in honor of the Muses parade. One of the best parades of the season, the Krewe of Muses is entirely women, and their floats are always satirical and gorgeous. Hope marches in Muses with the Noisician Coalition (a red-black-and-white pseudo-band of fools), and Nico will be bringing some out-of-town family to the parade route. Maybe we’ll see you there!

We’ll also be closed February 16, Lundi Gras — as the day before Mardi Gras, the city’s going to be entirely too hectic and jammed with floats. We say enjoy the spectacle instead!

Thursday, February 12 – closed
Friday, February 13 – 12pm-7pm
Saturday, February 14 – 12pm-7pm
Sunday, February 15 – stay tuned, but likely 12pm-5pm
Monday, February 16 – closed

And of course, February 17 is Fat Tuesday — Mardi Gras Day! We’ll be strolling in the French Quarter and probably covered in a metric ton of glitter. Normal schedule will return Thursday, February 19 and continue through the end of the month.

Purple Vibrators for Mardi Gras

Lelo Ina 2, Wisteria Breeze, and Je Joue MiMi. Mardi Gras royalty.